Auditions for the long awaited Tarzan are here!

When: June 6

Where: Kroc Center Theater

Time: 4:30pm - 9pm

Follow the link to grab an audition slot. Details are within the link!

Tarzan (logo only).jpg

Something Rotten


Nick Bottom - Nick Lyons

Bea - Josian Brett

Nigel Bottom - Abel Siemens

Portia - Paisley Siemens

Shakespeare - Presley DuPuis

Nostradamus - Michael Hynes

Brother Jeremiah - Logan Foster

Shylock - Kris Raasch

Lord Clapham - Seth Weddle

Minstrel/Snug - Daniel Renz

Peter Quince - Carson Floyd

Thomas Snout - Jacob McGaughey

Robin - Tyler McCabe

Francis Flute - Zach Cleve

Master of the Justice - William Inman


Erin Allsup, Carson Floyd, MacKenzie Gandy, Ruby Krajic, Emme LaBenne, Emma Nixon, Jessica Peterson, Tricia Petrinovich, Kay Poland, Kiki Prater, Torey Routson, Monica Thomas, Kynzie Washington, Ella Wising, Carrie York