December 5

1pm - 6:30pm

4pm - Dance Call

Come prepared with a 1 minute vocal audition (preferably from a musical theatre production.) An accompanist will be provided. If you would like to use a track, it must be voiceless. We will have a speaker to plug your device into if you choose to use a track.

There will be a mandatory dance call at 4pm.

Sign up for an audition time HERE

Rehearsals are tentatively set for Saturday morning, Sunday afternoon, Monday & Tuesday evening; but actors should be available and flexible if the schedule should change.

Show dates: Feb 4-13, 2022


Jesse Hampsch (Director)

Nick Thorpe (Music Director)

Joseph Lyons-Wolf (Choreographer)

TBD (Stage Manager)

If you have questions, email

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The Spongebob Musical


Spongebob Squarepants - Tyler McCabe

Patrick Star - Gatieh Nacerio

Squidward Q. Tentacles - Tré Keough

Sandy Cheeks - Josian Brett

Sheldon J. Plankton - Daniel Renz

Karen the Computer - Erin Allsup

Eugene H. Krabs - Michael Hynes

Pearl Krabs - Kiki Prater

Perch Perkins - James Wigdahl

Mrs. Puff - Jessica Peterson

Mayor of Bikini Bottom - Kynzie Washington

Old Man Jenkins - Dr. Bill Inman

Larry the Lobster/Voice of Gary - Samuel Meyer

The Electric Skates - Jacob McGaughey, Gabbi Mendoza, Mihret Washington

Patchy the Pirate - Seth Weddle

Sardine Devotees - MacKenzie Gandy, Ruby Krajic, Jessica Peterson, Kynzie Washington, James Wigdahl

Plankton's Backup Crew: MacKenzie Gandy, Kendall Hanson, Reese Weddle

Security Guards -Kendall Hanson, Reese Weddle

Sea Anemones** - Erin Allsup, MacKenzie Gandy, Kendall Hanson, Ava Mendoza, Gabbi Mendoza, Reese Weddle **(Anemones may have to re-audition tap skills.)

Assorted Sea Creatures, Sardines, and other citizens of Bikini Bottom - Delaney Adlard, MacKenzie Gandy, Kendall Hanson, Ruby Krajic, Dr. Bill Inman, Jacob McGaughey, Ava Mendoza, Gabbi Mendoza, Samuel Meyer, Mihret Washington, Reese Weddle, James Wigdahl